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The Best True Size T-Shirt Bras

When you need a comfy bra, a t-shirt bra is the only way to go!  They can be worn seamlessly underneath clothing and have a softness that feels great on your skin.

T-shirt bras are designed to be smooth and to not show any lines or bumps under your clothing.  Even in your most form-fitting top, a t-shirt bra should be nearly invisible underneath.

The Comfiest TRUE SIZE T-Shirt Bras

What to look for in a T-shirt bra

Different manufacturers can sometimes label a bra as a t-shirt bra when it doesn’t possess all of the necessary qualities of the true style.  The absolute main thing to look for are totally smooth, seamless cups.

Depending on the style of bra you prefer, t-shirt bras don’t always have to be padded.  You can choose from lightly lined all the way to push-up… just make sure that those cups are smooth under your tops! A slightly molded or lined cup will offer a bit of shape while still keeping your girls secure.

Big or small?

The size of your breasts doesn’t matter as a t-shirt bra is not a cup style, but rather the way the bra is made.  You should be able to find a t-shirt bra in a style that will suit your breast size and shape. For example, if you are smaller breasted, a demi style might work better, whereas a full coverage style might be best for a fuller bust.

What size should you try?

If you haven’t yet found your TRUE bra size, visit our quick Bra Size Calculator to get your perfect size. Before you go shopping you should make sure that you’re not wearing the wrong bra size.

Favorite t-shirt bras

Below are some of my favorite t-shirt bras that are available in TRUE bra sizes and fit amazingly well. Click the arrows to scroll through them all.